Too many nonprofits are leaving money on the table
at their gala fundraisers, but you don't have to




Your Mission will be represented in all portions of your program

The best way to inspire your guests is to integrate your mission into every part of your gala program including the live auction and fundraising appeal. We will work to create live auction items that reflect your organization's mission and design an appeal that will make your guests excited to give.



I do the asking for you So You Don't have to

I understand how nerve-wracking it can be to raise money for your own organization. The night of your event, you can sit back and watch your guests transform into donors as I conduct an entertaining live auction that features your mission and an inspiring fundraising appeal that will make your guests feel great about giving to your organization and excited to come back and do it again next year.



Your Guests will Respond Eagerly and Generously

I will work with you to create a strategy that will get your guests engaged. You will learn what kind of items your guests will bid on and how to get those items. I will also help you frame up a fundraising appeal that will make your guests excited to give and feel great about supporting your organization, creating lasting donor relationships.

Working with your fundraising auctioneer should be easy

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Schedule a call to save your event date and get to know each other

What you can expect on your first call:

  • 30 minutes
  • Reserve your event date
  • Share about your organization's goals, mission, culture, people and anything not found on your website
  • Discuss your event: history, revenue, demographic, goals, successes, areas of improvement, etc.
  • Answer any questions you have for me.
  • Schedule your strategy meeting


To learn more about my style and crowd interaction, I welcome you to view my videos prior to our call:

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Create a custom strategy

Meet to create a custom strategy for your Auction and Appeal

What you can expect to cover in your pre-event consulting and strategy meeting:

  • Selecting live auction items your guests will bid on (and how to acquire them without spending money)
  • Designing a live auction that builds momentum and raises more money
  • Creating item experiences that directly reflect your organization
  • Structuring your program to set your fundraising appeal up for success.
  • Developing an appeal that will make your guests excited to give
  • Utilizing storytelling as a way to connect your donors to your mission
  • Determining how to use video and professional sound to ensure an attentive audience.
  • Integrating mobile bidding technology into your program and appeal to maximize results (optional)
  • Securing Momentum Donors for the fundraising appeal
  • Other topics based on what you want to try at your event


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Raise more money

I will conduct your live auction and fundraising appeal

What you can expect from me on the day of your event:

  • Arrive on time (which is mutually agreed upon prior to the event, but is usually when your guests start arriving)
  • Train your volunteer bid spotters and recorders to capture all donations
  • Remain onsite and accessible for questions and last minute consulting during the event
  • Conduct an energetic and entertaining live auction that creates an atmosphere of competitive bidding
  • Bidders will not feel bullied or shamed into bidding or giving, protecting your relationship with high-level donors
  • Utilize any mobile bidding technology in a way that will best engage your audience
  • Engage your guests in an inspiring fundraising appeal using language your guests will respond to generously.

What could your organization do if you raised 2x or 3x
more money at your fundraising gala?


Minnesota Wild Foundation "Wild About Children" Event Supporting Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Thank you so much for a great Live Auction and Fund-A-Need! As I stated at the Gala, we more than DOUBLED our numbers from last year ... Everyone LOVED you and I don’t think we could have raised this much money without you!
— Sharon P. - Ontario Society of MN

The Minnesota Wild Foundation hosts an exclusive event every year to benefit the Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. The Minnesota Wild Players woo the guests and their foundation team curates Wild Hockey experiences that are truly once in a lifetime. After seven years of building their event, they finally decided they should hire a "real auctioneer" and asked me to work with them on their event. Year over year their donor base remained the same, the types of items remained the same and the number of guests remained similar. The changes we made were reducing the number of items on the live auction (you read that right, we had fewer live auction items and raised way more money), they had me conduct the auction, and they let me do a hard ask for their fundraising appeal.

Their guests responded with enthusiasm and generosity bringing in over 3X more than what they had previously raised at this event.

Thank you so much for all of your help Saturday night. The committee is thrilled with the results and all of the feedback from attendees has been outstanding. I can’t remember seeing an auction where every item went above published value, some well in excess of published value.
— Mark P. - Saint John The Baptist School

Let's connect!

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